Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yes! I know, I have abandoned my blog now for a couple of months! Life has been absolutely CRAZY!!! Last week as I was visiting my parents, my mother reminded me that she hasn't seen anything on my blog. So I am trying to boot this up again....
So what better way to start than to send out some prayer requests!

Prayer needs:
1. This past month my dad had surgery and had 9 inches of his small intestine removed and it was confirmed he had cancer in that area. It is called Adenocarcinoma. I am asking that you keep him in prayer as we journey through this. He will have to have body scans done and also undergo chemotherapy. We are praying that it is nowhere else in his body because this cancer is very rare to be in the small intestine and hope it didn't start somewhere else only to move to the intestine.
2. For our mission trip! I can't belive that we are about 22 days away from going. Please pray for our team as we are finishing up prep work to go. I will be teaching along with a couple of the other women on the team about family one night. I will also help teach one night at our Ladies Night Out on beauty inside out. I am asking for clarity on exactly what God wants me to say.

Thanks for trying to keep up with my blog eventhough I abandoned it!!! I will try to post a lot more in the coming days and during my trip!

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