Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kaitlyn's Softball Banquet!

Salem Express
Go #7!!!

Kaitlyn's trophy

Kaitlyn played in her first year of fast pitch softball this year for the Salem Express. I must say that I was so proud of her hard work that she showed at practice and at games. Some of the girls on her team and opposing teams have been playing for a few years. Now, Kaitlyn played coach pitch ball for one year when she was in kindergarten and never played again. I say all of that because, well, let me just say that some of these girls intimidate ME! Especially some of the "fast" pitches that these girls would put across the plate. I got so uptight at one of her practices because I knew that she wasn't as experienced. But, she worked and worked almost every day after school in the backyard with throwing, catching and hitting. Her efforts paid off in the end.

She started out playing in right field and over time her position was moved to center field.At one game she caught a fly ball while playing in center field. We were so proud of her! As the games progressed the coach had come up to us and told us how she really improved in her skills and was so impressed by the improvement. He moved her to play 2nd base in a few games and hopes to start her in a infield postion next year. She also had some really good hits this year! Her daddy and I were so proud of everything she did on the diamond this year!

Her team had a banquet at the Salem Red Sox ball park on June 6th. The girls all got trophies and some of the ball players from the Red Sox presented the trophies to the girls. They also were announced over the speaker system and the team all sat together to watch an awesome ball game that the Red Sox played against the Myrtle Beach Pelicans! The Red Sox won!!!

Afterwards, the girls got to run around the field and Kaitlyn thought it was so awesome!

We are already missing the games, but can't wait until next year!

Jennie and Kaitlyn watching the game!

Kaitlyn getting her ball signed by one of the players.

Her signed ball!

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