Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

From this day Forward...

On June 5, 2010 our family attended one of the most sweetest weddings! My cousin Jessica, aka Jesse married the love of her life, Joseph. There were tears of happiness on this day. Even her preacher cried during the ceremony. It was so great to be with family and friends!
Jessica was such a beautiful bride. I loved how she catered her wedding to "fit" who her and Joe are. The bridesmaids had such beautiful black dresses. The flowers were exquiste...the music was awesome! Jesse's dress was BEAUTIFUL and fit her perfectly! The ceremony was especially sweet. After they were pronounced they exited to the song "Happy Together" by the Beatles! I loved it!
Family is so important to me and I was so happy to be a part of this special day. I am almost 10 years older than Jesse and she was a Jr. bride in my wedding. I feel so old now! HA! I am so happy for her and Joe. I love them very much. She really touched me by taking the time to think about my children and what they would eat at the reception. Now I know that may seem silly. But, I remember how stressful planning a wedding can be...so it was touching to me that she thought of what the kids could eat. I guess when you have a child with a food allergy it is appreciative to know she took the time to make sure he would be safe. Did I mention how sweet she is?? LOL!
So after we cried all our makeup off we got to go party at the reception. It was at the Benvenue Country Club and was one of the most tasteful receptions I have ever been to. There was a band and my girls had a wonderful time dancing. When Joe had to take the garter off of Jesse's leg there was a "surprise" for him. It was so funny...She had a gun holster up her leg with a gun....yes I said a gun in it as a gift to Joe. But, it took him a few minutes to figure all that out! It was so funny!
I pray that they have many years of happiness together and remember that marriage is about holiness and a wonderful picture of our relationship with Christ. I am so happy that they both love the Lord. Joseph looks at his beautiful bride in such awe.
Love you Joe and Jesse!

Such a beautiful wedding!
Uncle Greg and Aunt Beth! (Bride's parents..)

Hilton and I

The happy couple!

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