Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ballerina Ballplayer!

I know I am partial but I must say that I was so amazed at how well Kyndal Grace played in her first year of.... TBALL!!!! She played for the Salem Angels and she was #11...(I am proud..that was my number when I played in highschool!) She absolutely loved playing ball...except for the fact that she got dirty!!! I couldn't help but laugh during her game because she had to get on her knee while grabbing a ball that was in play. After the play, she started wiping her knee off and then started complaining that her white pants were all dirty. Now if any of you know my daughter, then you know she is quite the girly girl! That is why I was so amazed that she played. But, dirtiness aside, she was a tough one. She always played her left field postion well and her coaches all talked about how well she played and that she did exactly what they said! I am so proud of her.
Fielding the ball

Getting ready to run to home plate!


One proud mama!

Kyndal was really proud of playing ball this year and already can't wait until next year to play!

Kaitlyn also played and I will post about her awesome year as well in another post!

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