Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My "Lil Scrappy" softball player!

This spring we got to watch Kyndal Grace play on her first softball team. She has only played tball in the past. We were all very proud of her ball skills. This was machine pitch and we were proud that she had the ability to get the ball fast and played very hard! She was also the proud owner of jersey #11! That was my number in softball in highschool! What we would get so tickled about is that Kyndal was one of the oldest but shortest ones on the team! Her Coach for the Salem Angels nicknamed her "Lil Scrappy". She was pretty agressive getting the ball and tried very hard! Enjoy the pics!

 Kyndal getting ready to run to third base!

Kyndal scooping the ball up at the mound and making a play to second base!

Kyndal in the ready postion! Love her smile!

Learning great skills at the mound!

Kyndal can still be a prissy ball player!

Kyndal Grace...you make us smile and laugh! You love life and you laugh at everything! You try very hard to do well! I love how you can go from being a prissy little ballerina and cheerleader to a wallowing in the dirt ball player! You are an All American girl! Thank you for bringing such joy in my life! You are such a blessing!

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