Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here recently God has been really dealing with me and how I can reach others. I came over to the blog world just really has a casual fun thing to do. But I have been so inspired by many other bloggers to really use this not only to help family and friends know what we are up to....But also to use this as a tool for Him. So I would like to try to introduce to you on Thursdays a new devotional, or Bible verse or some nugget of wisdom that God has revealed to me. I also would like to use this for anyone who would like a prayer request or praise. I am also hoping that more ladies from Bethel who I have not had the full opportunity yet to really get to know will travel over here and get to know the pastor and his family better!
I am hoping that this blog will be an uplifting and Spirit filled, Inspired By God blog! The more I become involved in ministry the more I realize that there are so many folks out there hurting emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Wow! It amazes me how many people we may pass by each day and not realize the pain they are tormented with. And you know, sometimes if we take the moment to let them know we care for them and even talk to them about Jesus, that could be a life changing event for some. You never know who you might touch!
I love to encourage people and I will be honest.... I love it when people encourage me. It makes you feel good that someone cares.
Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I have done in the past. Leave a comment to let me know some of the things you may have done to help others.
1. If you are a drive thru at a fast food restaurant, pay for the person 's mealin the car behind you.
2. Let a mom with young children ahead of you in line....ok, quick change of subject....I don't mean to go on a soap box, but that is a little pet peeve of mine at different events. If you see a young mom, especially if she is by herself, let her in line first or better HELP HER!!!!!! They would appreciate it!
3. When you have someone to deliver great customer service to you, call the manager and let them know. They get enough negativity.
4. Send you mother in law a card on your husband/wife's birthday and thank them for raising their spouse.
5. Let a church leader in your church know you are praying for them and love them. By the way, Pastor Appreciation Month is in October. Now I know I am married to a pastor, so don't think that I am reminding you so we will get gifts! LOL! Seriously, the best gift you could give your pastor is to encourage him, and also show your devotion and love for Christ. I know it pleases my husband so much when he sees others working for the Lord and doing what God has called them to do. We enjoy the eternal things, and not the material things!
6. Send someone who is sick a card or email letting them know how much you love them!

A couple of things I want to ask prayer for:
1. Our church, Bethel Baptist as we are going through the new transition....we are starting two services in a couple of weeks. We are growing and need more room.
2. For us to become more mission focused and that we as a church reach out to our community to help with needs. I am excited by some of the opportunities.
4. For my husband, who needs prayer in getting everything he needs to get done with the ministry here in Salem. We love it here, but at times the work can be overwhelming! For those of you who know him, he really truly wants to be there for everyone and he tries hard! He takes it hard when he can't be at two surgeries or something at once. I don't mean to brag but he really has a compassionate heart for people and loves them.
And for the other pastor's on staff and their families....our Worship pastor Gregg and Jessica Randolph and son, Dawson, Our youth pastor Chris and Sheilia Clowser and daughter, Sam and son, Cameron, Pastory of Care Ivey Adams and his wife, and for David and our Preschool Director Kelley Reese and son, Gavin. Especially loft up our preschool... we are now a 5 day a week school and they are trying to get everything done before we go back in Sept!
5. For several families, the Rowe family who lost a newborn, the Holmquist family who's 3 year old was in a accident at her home and is in serious condition and fighting for her life,for the Ramey family whose twins drowned....
6. Our sponsor child, Ana Elisabeth/
Thank you for taking the time to pray and also for reading my blog!
God bless!
For anyone interested....our church website is: www.bethelbaptistva.com


Hokie Girl said...

I'll definitely be adding those on your prayer list to our daily prayers! I like your ideas of how to help others....I'll try some of those soon!

Katie said...

Thank you for reaching out to me and praying for us! You will never know how much it means to me.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Love your ideas....and I also include the elderly in letting go first, holding doors, etc. It appals me the lack of decent manners you see these days!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hi Amy,

We're starting two services on Sept. 13th! It's exciting and unnerving at the same time! Lots of work, but we're trusting the Lord to provide those people resources as well as everything else!

Hope it goes great for y'all!