Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anniversary weekend in Charlottesville

Mark Hall
Casting Crowns!!!

Michie's Tavern

Inside the Tavern

The food was excellent!!!!

Almost a month ago Hilton and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! I know! Wow! It's hard to belive! I still love him and I enjoy being right beside him all the way in our ministry. While at times it can be demanding ministry is so wonderful and I can't imagine doing anything else! So anyway, We hardly ever go anywhere with out the kids and we went away for night to Charlottesville, Va! Ok... our actual anniversary is April 5....but we were so busy plus I got Hilton a really awesome present! We got to go see Casting Crowns in concert! That is one of our favorite groups! Now....they were not at all about putting on a performance.... it was a worship service!!!! That group is so REAL! I felt like I could just walk right up to them and start a conversation. They didn't even try to "sell" their tshirts and CDS! (Which is a major turnoff to me, when you have a commercial in the middle of your concert to sell something) Anyway, I didn't know this but the band leader, Mark Hall is still a full time youth pastor in GA! wow! In fact, everyone in the band is in youth ministry! Most of the songs that the group sings has a story behind them. Mark told us a few and it puts a whole new meaning to the song. The only thing that the Mark did talk about was how he and his family give money to World Vision. World Vision is a ministry that gives money to help kids in other countries. It is a legit ministry and most of the money that you donate to your child goes to them! Check it out! Our family has a little girl and we send money to the ministry to help her family. We have the kids involved in it and everything. Anyway that is another whole post! After the concert that night if you turned in your World Vision stuff then you got a "free" book that Mark wrote! It is about his testimony and also about the reasons behind some of those songs they sing! I have cried at everyone I have read so far! You should get the book!

Anyway, it was a much needed trip! We went down the day before the trip and went sight seeing and ate at a place called Michies Tavern! It was the best food! See pics! It was near Monticello and sat back in those Colonial Times. Then we went to downtown Charlottesville... it is a pretty neat city! We can't wait to go back! Here are a few pics!

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