Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

From the mouth of a child

I am so amazed sometimes by the wisdom that comes out of my children sometimes. We really need to stop and listen to what they have to say. I need to remind myself that sometimes I need to look at my faith,life, everything in the way that a child does. Adults make things way to complicated sometimes! I know, I overcomplicate everything! I feel like I have to have a plan, list, agenda...blah,blah, blah!
Well, God brought to my life my sweet daughter Kyndal...she is my "free-spirit", laid back, content, loud giggling, tooth missing little girl! She is so full of joy. She laughs about everything and everyone around the block hears that contagious giggle she has. Hubby and I have at times said that she could have been our little hippie flower child! She loves life! She is very compassionate. For example, one afternoon we were leaving the Kroger parking lot and Kyndal spotted a man who obviously was homeless. He was using long plastic sheets as a blanket. It was still snow on the ground, and he was walking away from our car. She immediately asked me if this man was homeless. I told her that he was and she started crying and said, "Mama, you have to pick him up and take him home!" Well, tears filled my eyes...I explained to her that because Daddy wasn' t with us that I couldn't just pick him up. She bawled and said, "But mama how can we help him? He might be hungry and cold?" I continued to tell her that we could try to give him some money for food and tell him how to get to the shelter. I became teary as well. A friend of mine came up with a great idea and I always forget to follow through on her idea. She makes up little lunch bags with applesauce, and other things that she hands out to someone who is homeless. She said she always felt guilty about not taking them to a shelter or having something to give them. I was impressed...because as a female it is dangerous to pick someone up these days.
Anyway, back to my story! As we were going down the road, she was still crying about the gentleman. I reminded her that eventhough we can't help everyone all the time, there are things that we can do to be the hands and feet of Christ. I continued to tell her that we give food to the shelter and water and we donate our clothes. I told her about giving our money to help missionaries. And that we should always pray for people who are hurting.
Later on that night, I was cleaning the kitchen and she brings her coat to me and with big alligator tears she tells me she wants to go find that man and give him her coat. I just cried too and praised God for such a compassionate child!
She has such a beautiful heart! She tells me that when she grows up she wants to be an artist. She draws and writes things all the time. I guess she is learning early what it means to keep her thoughts in a journal. Last night after we cuddled and tucked her into bed I picked up one of her notebooks and read it. I laughed and chuckled and then thanked God that she "gets it"so far as what it means to love Him.
Here are some things she wrote: "God loves me and I love him." "God,God,God..God is good,God is awesome,God is strawng (strong..lol), I love God and He loves me I pray. Amen." "I love you God." "God is my other Daddy." Now that last one is my favorite. The whole notebook is full of things about God. Then she has drawings of crosses as well as a letter to her sister about feeling better and to our dog Cody who really needs to learn to behave!
I thank God every day for her and my other two kids. I am so blessed that they already have a heart for God and compassion for others. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with their life!
Kyndal Grace


Hokie Girl said...

I'm crying right now!!! Oh wow, isn't she just so sweet and tenderhearted! LOVE it!

SarahRachel said...

Oh, that story about the homeless guy melts my heart!! What a sweetie!!