Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Top 10 things I love about my husband!

A friend of mine named Sarah at this blog....http://www.jjjourney.blogspot.com/, challenged her fellow blog friends to do a top 10 of their husbands! She had such sweet things to say about her fella! It inspired me to do one for Hilton...Bless his heart... I rarely post things about him, and I need to do it more. I challenge you to do it to friends!

So hear goes... Drum roll please! LOL!

10. Hilton is probably the most humble person you will ever meet. He does not covet possesions and he is very content with what God has given him.
9. He loved me way before I would even give him the time of day! Hey...before you judge you have to understand that I was very young...18!!! And I thought..."What does a preacher want with me?" Let's just say I wasn't born with a "sign" that said "YOU WILL BE A PREACHER'S WIFE!!!!" LOL! I laugh at the thought that God had ordained a long time ago about bringing us two together...He has a sense of humor...
8. Hilton is a great daddy...He loves his girls and son. He takes up time with them and seems to be more patient with them at times. I love especially watching him with the girls. Nothing like a daddy and his girls. They adore him. He makes sure that he takes time with them individually regardless of how hectic his schedule is.
7. He is loving and compassionate about our marriage, our kids, our future dreams. He dreams big!!! HE knows with God anything is possible!
6. He is my "rock". At times when I am feeling like I am about to have a meltdown, he knows how to comfort me and calm me down. He is the quiet one...(except when he is preaching) Lol! I am the loud one in the family. He reacts calmly...I don't!
5. To me, he is the best looking preacher I know! I love watching him up at the pulpit...He burns with a love for the Lord and telling others about being set free. I love watching him take care of his "flock" at our church.
4. He is not afraid to help clean the house and take turns taking care of our children. He comes home from a long day and still helps me out...
3. Hilton loves his parents and family very much. He respects them and never tries to cause problems within his family. He loves my parents and my family as well. He is constantly praying for them..
2. He is an awesome husband and he spoils me...more than I deserve!!!!!!! He tries to demonstrate his love for me the way Christ demonstrates His love for the church!
1. He loves the Lord with all his heart mind and soul!

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SarahRachel said...

YAY!!!! Love it, Amy! =) Hilton sounds AMAZING which makes sense since he is married to such an AMAZING woman! =)