Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dominican Republic

So, as I stated in one of my recent posts, that I am stepping out of my comfort zone...I guess I need to inform some of you what I am talking about.

First of all, if you know me well...you know I do not FLY...I have flown from RDU to Nashville..total flight time 1hour and 20 minutes...I did actually fly this route twice. Once with my hubby to the Southern Baptist Convention and once with a group of friends to a CareNet Conference.

Well, our Worship Pastor, Gregg Randolph and his sweet wife Jess have been showing all these wonderful pics of their mission work in the DR. Well, I immediately felt God calling me to take a mission trip. Funny how God works...It is hard to explain the feeling of being urged to agree to go. AGAIN, I DO NOT FLY!!!!!!!!! But, no matter what I was doing God continually has been working on me to go. I have recently been studying through the book of Exodus and even in that sweet book, I felt God telling me to GO! I, of course was being like Moses and telling God about all the reasons that I couldn't go! LOL! He always amazes me. So, I told Gregg to sign me up, and hurry and buy the airline ticket or I am backing out! HA! Also, the coolest part of all is that one week after being obedient, my trip was PAID IN FULL!!!! Wow! How cool is that! It really pays to listen to our Father...It is a 4 hour flight, but we actually will fly out of RDU(Raleigh Durham) and fly to Miami, then have a layover and fly to the DR. I think I can handle this! We will have a break in the flight, and I will be able to touch the ground in Miami!

I really am excited! It is definetly something new for me! I have never done a mission trip! I am asking God to break my heart and prepare me for this time. Will you please add the mission team to your prayers. We appreciate it! Our trip will be June 25-July 3rd. I will keep you posted on our preparations! We have lots to do before then. I also hope to blog some on my trip!

Below are the names of the others on the mission team.....I am excited that I am able to go on this trip with Hilton. WE have never done this as a couple. He has been on a mission trip to Capetown, South Africa.....in case you didn't know...that is a 19 hour flight! I am not quite ready for that one yet...maybe one day! HA!

2010 Missions Team (L-R) - Pat Myers, Phyllis Hunsley, Hilton Jeffreys, Amy Jeffreys, Bryan Hunsley, Sarah Balser, Gregg Randolph, Jessica Randolph

If you click on the link below you will see a pic of the team! Also, you can click to be kept up to date on the trip!

2010 Dominican Republic

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