Juggling Life with Joy!

Juggling Life with Joy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Servants and a good 'ol Footwashing!

One of the nights of the Leadership training dealt with being a servant. Now, sometimes people just automatically assume when you are in church leadership that you have it made! But, that is not always the case. Being married to a pastor I know all to well that you get dirty! God does not call us to be served, but for us to serve others. I will say that Hilton and I love serving others. It's not always easy, but God never promised that our life would be easy. Sometimes you get hurt, criticized, mocked, betrayed and burned out from living a life of servanthood. But...we just pick our self up when that happens, and start over.

Anyway, during our training there was a portion of the service where our team "served" the leaders at Iglesia Bautista. We did a good 'ol foot washing service. In America, that is almost unheard of to do. But, oh my goodness..I wish that it would be incorporated again. I personally did not partake and wash another woman's foot. I took pictures that night. But it was so emotional! It was a beautiful moment.

My fellow mission team got on their hands and feet and washed the feet of these humble men and women of God. Just like Jesus did to Peter. See being a leader doesn't mean that you are above everyone else and you are too good to get down and dirty. In fact, being a leader in church means the opposite. We are to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus. He didn't come to this earth to be served. But, he came as a lowly servant and died for our disgusting sins...He got down on his hands and feet..and washed..the disgusting..feet of his disciple! Wow! I personally believe that if you want good followers that there leader will set the example.We can't expect our members at our Bethel church to do as we say...but we know that if we tell them to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick...go on a mission trip...THEN WE MUST DO IT FIRST! I would much rather follow someone who has.. BEEN THERE,DONE THAT....

I was so moved by the service! And the Dominican's who were there that night were so touched as well...
I love this picture. If you don't know this is a picture of our leaders...Hilton(pastor) Bryan(he is at Bethel,and is being lead into the ministry), Gregg (our worship pastor) and Jonathan(a deacon in our church)They are washing the feet of some brothers in Christ. This picture speaks volumes for me. Wow! Our leaders on their knees...serving...What a blessing!
Phyllis washing Daihanna's feet. What a humbling experience! What a beautiful moment!
At first, Julio didn't want Bryan and Hilton to do this. The Dominicans were so humble during the foot washing! They just couldn't believe what we were doing! Huge smiles were upon their faces.

This was such a sweet moment. Gregg washed the feet of his dear friend, Vladi. Vladi is so special to him and I know it meant a lot for him and for dear Vladi! We received such a blessing for serving!

Amazing how God can move in a service that required a few handtowels and a bowl of water! Thank you Lord for showing the perfect example of how to serve others!

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